Monday, 21 April 2008

Still Dissertationing

This intercalated BSc has turned me boring. I've realised that all i think/talk about at the moment is my dissertation. What am I going to do at the end of the week when it's handed in? Then I'll only have revision to moan about.

Still haven't been sent those results. Annoying. However I have added an extra 1000 words to my introduction, so my dissertation is sitting at a much more respectable length. I never know how much is acceptable to write when given a maximum word limit. Am I supposed to write upto the maximum? As it is a maximum clearly the 10% either way of the limit doesn't apply, but maybe the minimum is 10% below. Or it could even be that I just stop writing when I feel I've said enough. Confused. My word-count is currently 8100, for 10000 word limit dissertation. Once I've bulked out my discussion a bit I should be at 9000, but I don't want to write loads and have to cut it all out if I get these results. I also don't want to be trying to write 1900 words tomorrow before I get the thing bound because my stupidvisor hasn't sent me the results.

I am also now faced with the dilemma of what colour cardboard to have on the back of my dissertation. Blue might be nice, I like blue alot. Red could be symbolic though, I took blood for my project thats red, and I've definitely been so angry I've been seeing red. A friend suggested brown because my project is vaguely related to the gut and poo is brown. Oh the choices.

I'm off to Argos to buy a stupidly cheap colour printer for my graphs now, as my superfast laser printer is just black and white. I've worked out that it's cheaper to buy a new colour printer than to buy the cartridges for the 9 year old printer covered in dust that I found in a cupboard last night. Madness.

Lily xXx

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