Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Protests and Clashes

So, today is the first day of the G20 protests in London. Some people will take this the wrong way, but I'm going to give my opinion on it. As this is my blog I guess I should really give my views.

Peaceful protests are OK. Everyone has the right to get their point across. Protests that shut down most of the City of London when we're in an economic crisis are a little daft. What is the point in losing 2 days of work when we have such an economic slump?

Smashing the windows of RBS. Pointless hooliganism. For a start it's owned by taxpayers so they're just trashing stuff that belongs to the state. Secondly criminal damage will not solve all the problems in this world. It leads me to think that some of the people who go on these protests are just weed smoking, cider drinking wasters who have nothing better to do.

Intimidating people so they feel they can't go to work in a suit. Seriously not on. What about all the non-banking professionals who have to go around in suits today? Why should they be put at risk?!

A lot of the people protesting need to realise that the way to change things is not to cause violence, disorder and intimidation. Change can be initiated in different ways. The first thing to do is to understand the reasons why we're here, to think of ways to solve it and then to use reasonable platforms to get your opinions across. Not just smash up "capitalist" buildings.

I seriously hope that every person arrested today for breaking something or someone gets properly punsihed by the police, not just given a warning and allowed to get away with it. These people need to start understanding that acting like hooligans is not the way forward.

I'm also hating the way that all the blame for this is being passed to bankers. Yes the banks have a lot to answer for but so do many people's attitudes. The "I want it now" culture, of people needing to have the best of everything straight away even when they don't need it is whats helped to get us into this mess. If people saved up and then bought things rather than taking out a loan, getting their new car or fancy kitchen and then realising they can't keep up with repayments, this situation wouldn't be nearly as bad.

Ranty rant rant... This may continue tomorrow at this rate if everything I read about the G20 keeps annoying me. Also if I hear the phrase "Climate Camp" one more time I'm going to have to have a rant about them.

Lily xXx

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