Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Good First Impression

I met my neurology consultant today. He seems like a really nice guy. I've spent most of this year petrified about getting some horrible, scary neuro consultant who'll expect me to know everything from day 1, but this guy seems nice, good at teaching, approachable and reasonable.

It was nice to be home a little early today too as the first week tends to be a little less demanding than the rest of the rotation.

I've decided to apply for the 2010 marathon, so I decided to go for a run today. I learnt a valuable lesson. Don't go out without an inhaler. Apart from the odd wheeze my asthma really hasn't played up for over a year until I went running today. After about 600m I tried to take a breath and just couldn't, then I couldn't get a big breath out either. I ended up sitting on the pavement in the rain trying to calm down and not panic so I could catch my breath. Not surprisingly where I live noone decided to help me.

Once I'd recovered a bit I took a stroll about half a km back to my flat. I somehow ended up carrying my neighbours baby up loads and loads of stairs because the lift wasn't working. That was more than enough of a work out for me. Somehow I need to get the motivation to try and have a run again on Thursday. We shall see.

Lily xXx


brokenangel said...

Good luck with your running. HIIT may be a suggestion, ive been diagnosed with exercised induced asthma so still trying to get a training system going that doesnt set it off.

The exercise trackers on http://www.medhelp.org are quite good at showing how far your training is coming on

Good Luck it feels great when you cross that finish line

Lily said...

Thanks for that tip, I've looked it up and may give it a try!