Sunday, 19 April 2009

Even More Procrastination

My procrastination techniques have reached a new level of procrastinationess.

I need a shoe rack. Because of this fact I went to Argos and bought a shoe rack. This provided me with a dilemma. What about all my lovely matching Ikea furniture? I had a plan...

Paint it all white.

I was going to go the easy way. Assemble the bloody thing and then paint it standing up. Apparently that is wrong. WRONG in fact. It is so wrong the capital letters are a must. In fact apparently I have to paint the whole thing piece by piece. This means I have to wait hours for the bits to dry to turn them over and paint the other side.

This is taking ages.

Lily xXx

1 comment:

brokenangel said...

you could have painted it when it was set up but you wouldnt have got as good of a finish. If you going to do something better to do it properly even if it does take twice aslong lol.