Saturday, 25 April 2009

Real Time Off

Since Wednesday, when I finished my exam, until Monday when I start my placement I have actual real holiday time off with no revision. It's been really really nice and relaxing for once although I haven't got anything I planned to do done.

I spent Friday playing squash and got home quite late, so today I was going to clean the flat, especially the kitchen which needs a really good deep clean. Anyway, it just hasn't happened so that's now going to be tomorrows job after I've done the things I have planned tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the London Marathon. Woo. Two of my friends are running in it, so the plan is to meet at a pub with a group of people and later on meet them when they've finished running.

I wish I had the determination to train for and eventally run a marathon, that takes a lot of hard work!

Lily xXx

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