Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Fancy New Phone

After a slight altercation with Orange because they wouldn't give me the phone I wanted, I've finally got a new phone. Unfortunately this meant changing to O2, with my lack of knowledge about PAC codes meaning that I had to get a new number, which is always a bother. Otherwise it's great!

I've got an XDA Ignito. It has a funky touch screen and I can get my emails on it as well as being able to surf the 'net. I spent almost 3 hours of yesterday setting up my emails on it. Finally, after many mistakes on my part, I managed to get it working. Hurrah! I've now turned into one of those annoying people who checks their phone every 10 minutes. I can even put the oxford handbook of clinical medicine on the phone! I'm geekily excited.

For those of you who read about my snoring drama, I managed to solve it last night. I took a sudafed tablet before bed and didn't snore at all. The snoring must be because my nose is still blocked up a bit from the sinusitis I had a couple of weeks ago. I actually had a little celebratory dance around the flat this morning when I was told I didn't snore.

Lily xXx


Sengcheek said...

That is a nice phone, and I must have spent just as long setting up emails on my phone...

You still should be able to switch numbers to make it easier for other people, just ring orange for a PAC code, they'll email and post you it. You then tell O2 either through phone or shop and they should transfer your number within 48 hours.

My friend has that phone, and I think you can get Netter's anatomy cards on there, not much use to you but could be handy for a reference!

Lily said...

Anatomy flash cards would be amazing use for me. My anatomy knowledge is not as strong as it should be. The leg is attached to the shoulder right?!

Dr. RB said...

Putting all of those notecards, pocket books, and scraps of paper sure has lightened the load on the average med student/resident white coat.