Thursday, 16 April 2009

Instead of Revision...

Next Wednesday I have an exam. Just a small OSCE. Only 3 stations in fact, although that is from a choice of lots and lots of stations. However I haven't been revising yet :-s

I've been getting lots of other things done. I now have curtains up in my living room (only 9 months after I moved in). I got some pasta bowls from ikea (which unfortunately don't fit in my cupboard). I also saw Monsters Vs Aliens 3D.

3D cinema is amazing! I'm so excited by the fact all the cartoons that are coming out soon all have 3D showings too. I've been converted to watching children's films now.

Today I have one last day of doing stuff before I knuckle down to my revision. I've got a doctors appointment, which means I have to be in central London, as that's where my GP is. Because I'm getting the train into central London, I might as well make the most of the train ticket and have a nice day out in London too. Yay. Then tomorrow for the next 5 days I'll be getting some revision done hopefully. Fingers crossed.

Lily xXx


Lee said...

Ahh the fine art of (semi)procrastination!

On Tuesday i went to Ikea to avoid revision, with the excuse that with no desk i can't revise, although this has never effected me before.

I then promptly spent a few hours trying to escape the place and deciphering the crazy instructions.

brokenangel said...

the things we do to avoid revision good luck for the exam and hope everything goes ok at the GP's for you