Saturday, 4 April 2009

Back in London

Finally I'm back in London. It doesn't quite feel as good as i thought it would because I now know I have no excuse for not tidying up the flat.

Thursday night was our big placement celebration curry after our presentations and it was great! We all met in the pub. Our consultant turned up first and had a couple of drinks with us. Strangely it was the younger ones of us in our group who felt comfortable taking ot him and having a drink while the older graduate students were giggling and taking pictures from across the room, leading him to think they were a little weird. The strangest part of the evening was when the subdean, who marked the presentations walked up to me and said, "You must be a drama student!". At first I wasn't sure whether it was a compliment or not, but apparently it was because I was very confident, which is funny because I was bricking it on the inside.

When we got to the restaurant it ended up with 3 of us sitting on a table with the consultant who was actually a really good laugh. It's strange to think that he might actually be human. It was actually a really enjoyable way to spend an evening.

After dinner, although the consultant gave us the next day off so we could go out partying, we decided to just have a few drinks at home. I really am going to miss this placement a lot more that I thought I would.

Lily xXx

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