Thursday, 30 April 2009

Eureka... it works!

I learnt something fabulous today. Taking my inhaler before exercise actually really really helps. Ever since I got asthma I cut right down on exercise and totally stopped running. Once I found out it was asthma and was given an inhaler I knew that it was supposed to help and in theory should make my running easier, but the memory of how scary and painful it is to have an asthma attack put me off trying it out.

I'm really convinced that I want to do the 2010 London marathon so I need to start running again. After Tuesdays asthmatic disaster I was a little wary today when I went to go for a short run (only 1-2kms for the first week to get me started again). I decided to give the inhaler thing a bash and took two puffs before I set off. It was amazing. Just like before I had asthma. I could actually breathe. It felt so nice to stop running once my legs were getting achy not because I suddenly felt I couldn't breathe anymore.

Even though it was only a 15 minute jog, at a fairly slow pace, it's really made me feel that perhaps I can actually do the marathon.

Lily xXx

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