Saturday, 11 April 2009

Easter Weekend

It always seems that Easter is here to trip me up. It's probably the least efficient holiday for me work-wise. I do even less work than at Christmas. There are two reasons for this. Firstly is the sunshine. It's so hard to get any work done when the sun is shining and I need some vitamin D. The second reason is snakebite and black. Drink of the hockey festival season and my downfall! ...Surprisingly this year I've been pretty reasonable with it though.

What's odd about this Easter is that it isn't the holiday before a huge set of exams for me. Well technically it is as I don't have another holiday before exams, but I do have a small exam and a whole 12 week rotation to go.

Because of this it's hard to motivate myself. I'm hoping revising for the mini-OSCE won't be too taxing. Practice my examination techniques and remind myself of some skills. I do however have a 6000 word essay to write. As Easter marks the anniversary of my Mum's death, I'm not really in the mood for an essay on bereavement. Unfortunately I'll have to get stuck into it at some point.

Lily xXx

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brokenangel said...

Possibly ask for mitigation inregards to the essay. Hope everything goes ok and enjoy ur placement.