Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Worry for Nothing

The mock OSCE. I was petrified. Suddenly my nerves got a whole lot worse when I was asked to go and see a patient with the evil Dr who hates me and can always pick holes in my examination...

Surprisingly I did it fine. I didn't miss anything. In fact I think the words "That examination was very good..." left Dr Evil's lips at the end. Success.

Although I was dreading having him examine me I think it's worked out well because I've managed to prove to him that I can actually do a pretty good examination.

Otherwise the OSCE was pretty laid back. We went around to see patients and examined them OSCE style as opposed to proper patients. We also took a history off an F1 and did some explaining to another junior doctor. It was pretty good to have a go at it all without too much pressure, proving that we should be able to pass the real thing without too much strain.

On an unrelated note I'm getting a fancy new phone on Thursday. Ooooooh. It's an Xda Ignito. It looks very fancy. Unfortunately I'm changing my number again, which is always a bit of an effort. Thankfully with a mixture of unlimited texts and being able to keep in touch with people via the internet I shouldn't get in too much of a pickle with it.

Lily xXx

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madsadgirl said...

Well done on the OCSE.