Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Weekend Antics

I realise this is a little beyond the weekend but I had such a nice weekend that I thought I would share it with you guys.

Friday night was spent travelling up to London and generally just chilling out in the flat. This was because I had to get up relatively early on Saturday morning. One of my best friends was back from spending 7 or so months travelling the world. As a joint welcome back and birthday celebration we decided to go to The Boxwood Cafe, which is one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants. Now before you all worry that I spent my whole student loan on one lunch it was actually quite cheap. For £25 we got an amazing 3 course menu. It started with lovely warm bread and butter or tarmasalata. Lucky for me everyone else hates the stuff so I got all the taramasalata to myself. Yum yum yum. We then all got a "complimentary starter" of a little cup of cauliflower, apple and walnut soap. Delcious. I then had a cured ham salad, a lovely tasty mutton pie with the best savoy cabbage I have ever tasted and finished off with a sticky date pudding and proper homemade custard. Mmmmm.

As the weather was gorgeous the boyfriend and I then decided to have a stroll through Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. It was so romantic. We held hands and just strolled for an hour or two being generally very mushy. The perfect way to spend an afternoon. Before we got the train home we popped into a pub to watch the last 10 mins of the rugby and have a little drink. On the way out I demanded that we went to M&S. The boyfriend rightly said that we have loads of food at home, but still I insisted that I wanted to go even though I wasn't sure why. It must have been a crazy female sixth sense because standing outside the shop was a friend from Wales who'd just been to visit London for the day. What a coincidence!!

That evening the boyfriend and I had some pasta for dinner and lots more romantic mushy cuddling.

I was dreading Sunday. Mother's Day. Certainly not my favourite day of the year. I went with my Dad to leave my Mum some flowers. Lovely purple and yellow tulips. I even managed not to cry. It was a huge effort and involved putting on lots of eye make-up before going out as a deterrent to just bursting into tears. Even though I felt pretty down I decided to go out with the boyfriend and his family for Mother's Day lunch, which was certainly the best thing to do. I had a really nice time and another yummy lunch too.

Overall what I expected to be a really miserable and upsetting weekend turned out to be one of the best weekends that I have had all year.

Lily xXx


madsadgirl said...

Sounds as though you had a lovely time even allowing for Sunday being Mother's Day. I didn't find Sunday too difficult, but Monday, which would have been husband's 60th birthday was absolutely awful.

Lily said...

I'm sorry to hear that Monday was so tough for you. It's a true testament to your character that you've got through it though. I hope the next few days prove to be a bit more cheerful for you!