Thursday, 19 March 2009

Refreshingly Awake

I think I've finally got over the exhaustion I've been suffering on this placement. Due to the general noisyness of where we sleep I've been finding it hard to get more than 4 or 5 proper uninterrupted hours of sleep a night. It's really been showing. I've been cranky and probably not paying attention to stuff as much as I could.

After my St Patrick's day night out I thought this would only get worse. Didn't get to sleep until after 2 and had to be up at 8. Because of this when I finished clinics at 1 I went to sleep. I didn't properly get up until 5. I then went out to the cinema, got back at midnight and slept through until 9.30. I now feel better than I have in ages. I think, fingers crossed, I might actually now survive the rest of the rotation.

Last night at the cinema I saw Young Victoria. I loved it. I generally love period dramas and historical films (even if they aren't accurate). It was also laden with romance, just my type of film. Unfrotunately there was an almost awkward moment before the film when the boyfriend bumped into one of my ex's. It happened to be the one ex of mine that the boyfriend can't stand. Tends to make things awkward as since we havent dated for years and we get on generally well our relationship is now laid back and jokey. Thankfully no punches were thrown and there was even a strained effort from the two of them to be nice to each other. Hurrah!

This afternoon I have the last of the clinic's I have to attend this week which means after tonight it's practially the weekend. This does mean that I still have to do some work and I have various things to attend tomorrow, but nothing as demanding as a clinic. I've only got a meeting about a presentation I'm doing in a fortnight and then I get to watch someone elses grand round presentation. Geekily I really enjoy watching grand round presentations done by the others in my group. On the whole they're actually quite interesting and tend to only last about 20-30 minutes which is pretty much the extent of my concentration.

Lily xXx

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