Tuesday, 10 March 2009

A Special Medical Student

Being stuck for what to write today a couple of my friends who know about this blog suggested I wrote about them. Thinking about it this is a great idea. Rather than always writing about myself, giving people an idea of some other medical students is probably a good idea. Especially for people who are thinking about applying to medical school, clearly it will be a relief to know not all medics are like me. However for others it might not be a relief that people like us will be doctors in the not to distant future.

I'll start by writing about my clinical partner.

Like me she's done medicine straight from school, and she intercalated last year... but in something indefinitely cooler than the subject I intercalated in. In fact it's so random most people would never even guess that a medical school would offer it.

I met this girl on my first day of uni. We were living in the same flat in halls and since then we've been pretty good friends.

Unlike me she has a vague idea what she wants to do when she's a "grown up". She wants to be an anaesthetist. This is probably because she can spell better than I can. It's a really hard word to spell. In fact I may have spelt it wrong myself, but I tried.

Like me she is a "power woman". This is how one of the lads in our firm described us. Clearly we're starting to intimidate, they just don't realise it's all banter.

Our problem is that we're quite apathetic. We like to just sit around a lot and go into town when we could be aimlessly wandering around A and E hoping that someone will let us take some bloods. She also has a strange obsession with Sex and the City. I much prefer Gossip Girl, but shhhhh, don't tell anyone.

Lily xXx

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