Thursday, 26 March 2009

Close to the Finish

Those of you who have been reading my blog for the past couple of months will know that I'm finding this rotation a little tougher than the last. It's not the content, but more the frustration of not being in my own flat. Thankfully I'm almost at the end now. Less than a fortnight to go. Hurrah!

Worryingly I still don't have all my sign-ups. The examination of the male genitalia is proving more and more difficult to obtain. As a group we had almost convinced a doctor to go through the theory on a plastic model and sign us off, but mysteriously we have been emailed that his teaching tomorrow is cancelled. Nooooo. It makes it a little stressful to be trying to get this done in the last week. On top of this we have loads of things going on in the last week. On Tuesday we have a mock OSCE exam and on Thursday an assessed presentation for our Special Study Modules.

I wouldn't be too worried about the mock OSCE if I wasn't convinced that the doctor examining the examination station hated me. He thinks I'm awful. To make it worse I'm sure I'll get all flustered knowing that and start feeling the patient's head instead of their tummy or something.

The good thing about the teaching tomorrow being cancelled is that I now know I have a free day. I can put this to good use, trying to get my presentation done and perhaps trotting off to do some examinations in preparation for next week.

Unfortuantely being up this late I'm not sure how early I'll be up. I made the mistake of napping this afternoon to make up for a broken night's sleep and now I'm worried that I'll be up half the night. I guess if I can't sleep I could start the presentation properly now, but blog browsing seems like a much more attractive way to spend the early hours of the morning.

Lily xXx

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brokenangel said...

im doing exactly the same, if you cant sleep head down the libary without a laptop then you forced to concentrate. Just keep at it he cant hate you enough to unfairly fail you so make sure ur exam is nealy perfect so its difficult for him to pick fault that others may let pass.