Thursday, 12 March 2009

Another Special Medical Student

Here's another go at describing a medical student I work with. Thus far I'm describing people I like and get along with but I'm sure as I get into these character studies I'll be looking at people I'm less fond of.

Anyway for a change a male medical student. A rare breed these days as an increasing proportion of medical students are women. He's expressly asked me to write about him, either an attack of narcissism, craving for fame or genuine curiosity about what I think of him.

Luckly for this young man I actually think he's pretty sound. Scarily he is uber clever but doesn't show it off at all. He has something stupid like 5 As at Alevel and an extra A at ASlevel. He also managed to get a publication from an essay he wrote in first year. That's pretty impressive in my books.

Bizarrely he also has an obsession with Sex and the City, and shopping in Selfridges. He is what we like to call a metrosexual. He makes up for his girly obsessions with a healthy interest in football and food, the two F's of manhood.

The most amusing thing about him is the unfortunate way that the tutors seem to have labled him as a scruff. His first week on this placement he was busy recovering from what I can only imagine must have been the party of the century, causing him to sleep nearly every moment he wasn't timetabled to be in clinics. Now that he's recovered and discovered what a razor is various tutors at uni keep stopping him and asking why he's looking so smart. I'd like to think it's the stylish influence of my clinical partner and I, but I'm sure it's just a few good nights sleep and a generous selection of clothes from Selfridges.

Lily xXx

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