Monday, 9 March 2009

Knuckling Down

I've decided with 4 weeks of this placement left that this week I am really going to knuckle down. This started with me getting two sign ups today. I reckon if I can do that today then it is more than possible for me to get at least another 2 this week, thus taking some of the pressure off for the last weeks.

I guess I also need to take my mind off of other things. I had a bit of a row with the boy this weekend over some text messages on his phone. Yes I shouldn't have been looking, I know that, but then in the same sense he shouldn't have been sending them. I still love him loads so at this moment in time, as they weren't that bad I'd rather just forget it all happened, but it's still on my mind. It just hurts that it seems like recently he's been taking me more and more for granted. Hopefully the explosion I had over the weekend will have rectified this problem.

Anyway I need to go and get some work done now so I can go to bed feeling like I've really achieved something today.

Lily xXx


Sidney said...

Keep your chin up Lily, it's only a matter of time before things get better :)

madsadgirl said...

Just a few more weeks and you'll be living at home again and then maybe the boy won't be taking you for granted. Maybe you need to talk about it like a couple of grown-ups too.
How's the knitting?