Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Sign Up Action Plan

Almost 2/3 of the way through this rotation. Hurrah!

I've started to work out a plan to make sure I get all my sign ups before I finish this rotation. That means at least 2 sign ups a week. Today I got 1 so that's one left for the rest of this week. It's surprisingly hard to get people to be willing to take the time to show us how to do certain things. My next mission is to get someone to show me hwo to do a subcut injection. Annoyingly everyone gets given their clexane about 6pm. 6pm is dinner time... or at least it's cooking so I can have dinner before I die of starvationg time. I guess I'll have to have some tummy rumbles one day in the near future to get it done.

Bizarrely the hospital seemed empty today. The emergency centre actually had no patients what so ever in it at 9.30 this morning and all the wards were half empty. The sunshine yesterday must have made everyone feel better.

I can't believe how lazy I've become over the last year. I've pretty much done no work this academic year. I really need to work out how and what I need to learn before written exams. I also need to learn some neuro stuff for my next rotation. The brain has never been my forte.

On a completely different note I really fancy some noodles right now. Particularly a really nice pad thai or perhaps some amai udon from Wagamama. Mmmmm. I just seem to be hungry all of the time at the moment. I must have a worm.

Lily xXx

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