Wednesday, 6 October 2010

World's Most Annoying Man

It's been a while since I had a proper rant. Now I'm thoroughly Londonised again (read: stressed out) I think ranting is what I'll do best.

Today I want to rant about people that I don't think should be allowed to pass medicine. Well one person in particular.

Just for a moment think of the qualities you'd want in a doctor. As well as knowing their medical stuff if you're like me you'd want someone responsible and caring with a certain degree of matureness. Not a complete dickhead.

Unfortunately it was my pleasure (NOT!) too spend an entire day of lectures sitting in front of the Worlds-Most-Annoying-Man. I'd heard about him in passing before. It turns out that I'm not the only one he irritates. Apparently he's arrogant and tries to shag all the nurses and doctors. I was willing to just laugh that off as boyishness. Until yesterday.

He spent a whole day of lectures talking. Not just "what did you watch last night on TV?" chatter, but rude and obnoxious comments. "Ha ha ha ha... it's not only needlesticks that give you AIDS" during our occy health talk (rich coming from the man who's reported to have started a chlamydia epidemic last year....). Wolf whistling and singing songs at female lecturers as they came in (not big or clever), and generally trying (and failing to be funny).

Seriously. Can you be struck off for being a dickhead? I really hope so. If not I really pity his patients!!

Lily xXx


lacedinblack said...

Plastic surgeon in the making? I think so.

alhi said...

I'm a university lecturer and if any student wolf-whistled at me when I walked in I would inform that it could be construed as harrassment and to leave such behaviour at the door for my lectures.

The Dobbing Doctor said...

It sounds like you have described about 50% of the male medical student body!

....the other 50% are studying or playing World of Warcraft.

Vicky P said...

From the lecture I attended the other day, not only can you get struck off for being a dickhead, it's far far more likely than being struck off for a clinical issue.

Sadly, he may grab an F1 post that someone else deserves first. :(