Thursday, 28 October 2010

A Week In The Life of a Final Year Medical Student - Thursday

7.11am - Get woken up by other students getting up and clattering about. Silently curse them and try to make the most of my last 49 minutes in bed!

8.00am - Alarm goes off. Blergh. Shower, dress etc etc.

8.55am - Bump into "Team Gastro!" in the corridor. Good job as I didn't know we were starting with a radiology meeting, not ward round.

9.00am - Radiology meeting starts. See some interesting chest x-rays. Feel surprised and pleased that I seem to be able to read a simple x-ray. It's all clicking into place finally.

9.45am - Ward round starts. Today's consultant likes to ask lots of questions to test my knowledge. I like it because he's not that scary about it and always fills in the blanks I don't know. I'm always learning when he's around.

11.11am - Try twice to get a cannula in a man with bad veins. I seem to get them in and then... nothing. Call the FY1, she has the same problem. FY1 calls the reg who gets it first time... she is my new idol!

11.45am - Eat a slice of chocolate brownie made by the reg... she is definitely now my new favourite person. It's difficult not to hug her with joy!

12.05pm - Continue ward round seeing the last couple of patients.

12.35pm - Complete the worlds quickest discharge note. Team Gastro is on fire today!

12.45pm - Run to teaching. Get free sandwiches... YAY! Get homework... BOO!!

1.30pm - Walk to endoscopy with my consultant. Get grilled about my sign ups. Should mean I get a few in the next couple of weeks though.

1.35pm - Clerk and examine a patient in front of my FY1 for practice. Impress myself by actually hearing lung signs.

1.55pm - Find the room where the ERCPs and endoscopies are being done. I'd write out the full name for an ERCP but its soooo long that my fingers would fall out. Basically they put a little camera down to the bile duct, squirt contrast up it and see if the bile duct is blocked. Saw some gallstones being removed from the bile duct. Got a sign up! Woo hoo!!

3.45pm - Bleep my FY1 to find jobs to do. Get sent to the other side of the hospital to pick up a patient information leaflet for a procedure. Run back to the other side of the hospital to give the leaflet to the patient. End up sitting down for 10 minutes and explaining the procedure to the patient. Feel bad about not being able to tell her when she's going to be discharged as she really wants to get home.

4.15 - Fill out all the forms for sending ascitic fluid to the lab. Stuggle to write on the sample bottles. Seriously... biros are rubbish. What pen should I use?!

4.30 - Get told to go home as the FY1s are uber busy and there's nothing I can really do for them.

4.45 - Get back to the flat, iron a top for this evening.

5.00 - Do my homework from earlier... I'm such a good girl!!

5.45 - Write this blog post...

... It's mess night tonight so the plan is to cook some dinner, get dressed and then head off out for a few drinkies! Unfortunately my feet hurt so much I can't stand up, which is a flaw to my plan... but I could always crawl to the pub!

Lily xXx


brokenangel said...

From a biomed try a gel pen on the bottles! or if your really desperate sharpies with a little practice

EasternDox said...

Re:11.11 never assume a cannula is in until the nurse has fluids running through it. Similarly, never tell a patient that they have "easy veins". It only tempts failure.

Sounds like you are doing a really good job. I wish you were my student!