Monday, 4 October 2010


This is how I feel after the first day of every year.

Completely, utterly and irreparably broken.

Strangely this is quite a good feeling. Nice, satisfying exhaustion and fear.

It's amazing how just one day of lectures can be so draining. Especially when those lectures are all on admin things.

Seems like today the uni has just been reminding us what's expected of us and that no matter how hard we work there aren't enough jobs for us all at the end of this year. Oops. I'd have found it more upsetting if I didn't feel a little sorry for the foundation programme lady who came to talk to us and was practically laughed out of the lecture theatre. Temporary insanity occurs when you tell 500 people who've been studying 5 years that they might not have a job at the end of it.

I've been given a log book full of skills to get signed up in the next 9 months. It looks far too thick to get it all done. I'm at the denial stage of things where I don't want to look at it in detail quite yet lest it give me some kind of nervous breakdown. For me the next few weeks are going to be completely concentrating on foundation applications.

Once I've beaten jet-lag that is.

Until then I'd quite like a slave to unpack, clean my flat, cook me dinner, rub my aching feet, take lecture notes and brush my hair. Applications via email. No weirdos.

Lily xXx


Anonymous said...

Your dad?

Lily said...

Except he's in a different county and doesn't believe in being a slave to his own children. I could perhaps call him and get him to shout at me until I unpack... although that didn't work as a teenager so I'm not sure it'll work now!