Monday, 25 October 2010

A Week In The Life of a Final Year Medical Student - Monday

7.01 am - Frantically try to turn off the alarm in a sleepy haze... panic about waking up everyone else.

7.02 am - Run to the shower just in case anyone else has an early start too. This is the problem with sharing 1 shower between 5 girls. On the plus side its always warm and so lovely and powerful.

7.45 am - Meet up with the other 2 students on my firm and take the 10 minute stroll to the hospital. Freeze in the process as all the 3rd years have used up all the lockers so I can't take a coat in. To make matters worse they actually live on site. Cheeky buggers!

7.55 am - Track down my firm in A&E and battle with the photocopier so we all have patient lists. Scramble frantically in my bag to find the photocopier code. Mental note to put it in my iPhone. I love my iPhone.

8.00 am - Start the post-take ward round in A&E. There's about 25 patients scattered between the clinical decision unit and all the wards in the hospital. So we don't have loads of jobs after the looong ward round (don't forget we also have to round our 17 inpatients after the post-take ward round), we take it in turns to get bloods which need to be done. It's tricky in a new hospital when spread over loads of wards as I'm never sure where all the equipment is. It's also frustrating having to write blood bottles by hand. Is there some trick to it that I haven't grasped? A special pen?! Help!

We also take it in turns to write in the notes, report ECGs, report imaging and comment on differential diagnoses.

12.37 pm - Have a cup of tea in the mess.

12.39 pm - Smirk as FY1s are told they're doing a grand round on Friday.

12.40 pm - Stop smirking as they delegate to us medical students.

12.41 pm - Comfort eat. 2 Custard creams. Consider crying into cup of tea.

12.50 pm - Hunt down patient notes. Get to them just before the ward clerk is sending them to coding... SCORE!

12.55 pm - Help FY1's with updating blood results in notes and discharges.

1.45 pm - Hunt down consultant to get signatures for some complicated tests and give the results of tests he wanted. Smile as he's so lovely and explains everything.

2.15 pm - Negotiate with less friendly ward clerk for a different set of patient notes. She promises she'll have them tomorrow. We'll see.

2.30 pm - Eat a cheese sandwich.

2.45 pm - Find FY1s and offer to help with any jobs. Thankfully they're not too busy so I head back to my room to start looking up bits for my presentation.

3.00 pm - Have a cup of fruit tea, check Twitter and Facebook... feel guilty about not doing work.

3.20 pm - Go on a wiki-fari when searching background info for presentation. Don't get very far but read lots of interesting medical stuff.

4.10 pm - Have a cup of green tea with apple and pear. Decide to nibble on some salad as teaching is going to go on late tonight. Nothing worse than rumbling during teaching. Also nothing worse than having to pee every 5 minutes, so make this my last cup of tea before teaching. Decide to chillax and watch an episode of Ugly Betty before my brain explodes.

5.45 pm - Head back to the hospital. Brrrr... still cold!

6.00 pm - Teaching from the FY1s.

6.03 pm - Die inside.

6.07 pm - Wake up again when they've stopped talking about how scary finals are. Actually find the teaching really useful and practical.

7.17 pm - Get embarrassed by tummy rumbling.

7.50 pm - Throw tortellini in a pot of water and wolf it down in hunger. Then eat too much cake and feel bad for the cake binge. Gossip while eating and end up not attempting work for an hour.

8.50 pm - Open powerpoint.

8.51 pm - Abandon work for writing this and then plan to watch the new episode of Desperate Housewives. Then work. I promise!

Lily xXx

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