Thursday, 14 October 2010

Slowly, Slowly...

Painfully, bit by bit, I'm getting closer to doing these blinking FPAS questions. I've sat down, I've brainstormed and I've come up with some ideas. Nothing fully written out, not even a first draft, but a nice list of useful bullet points of cases and learning points I got from them.

These questions are really succeeding to make me feel completely inadequate. What personal achievements do I have? Why do they all sound so stupid? Why don't I have publications, presentations, motivation?!

Non-medic friends and family are always exclaiming that I must be clever and I must be so proud of what I've achieved, but these questions have really made me pick myself to parts. It's not a nice feeling and to be honest I can't wait until they've been handed in.

I've heard of quite a few people who've already submitted theirs. Does this mean they've been working their socks off? Are their applications amazing? Have they just rushed it because they don't care? Do they have so many things to write about that they found it so easy it was done in a couple of hours?

Deadline is in just over a week so I might stop moaning about them by then. It's going to be tough to put the application to the back of my mind until the 8th of December when jobs are allocated.

Lily xXx

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