Thursday, 21 October 2010

Nerve Wracking

I did it.

I submitted FPAS.

I read through the questions a million times, but I'm still worried that I've done something on the form wrong. At least now I can put it behind me... or at least I can once my adrenaline buzz has died down.

Everyone on placement is discussing their questions. In fact right now I can overhear 2 people talking about them. It's not good for my nerves. I keep worrying that everyone's are better than mine. I think I'm going to have to hide until December to avoid discussion about these sodding questions.

My next step is to get my presentation about my elective done, and to start hammering out log book sign ups. Apparently a lot of universities don't use the logbook method. Lucky sods. We've been banned from having FY1's sign our books now... making it pretty difficult!!

Lily xXx


Anonymous said...

At IC we have a silly e-log book so if anyone wants to sign in they have to learn to log on to this complicated site.

Anonymous said...

We've had to do logbooks since 1st year, but luckily we can ask friendly F1s to sign us off :)

happymedic said...

Since I'm a lazy bastard, I left everything until the last minute, so I'm still touching up on the last question right now...can't really think of anytime I've been in a pressured situation apart from filling in this sodding application form!

Anonymous said...

Where did you apply?

Lily said...

Happy medic - I hope you got it done in time. I wondered if writing about the actual form for being in a pressured situation would work!

Anonymous - South Thames is my first choice... fingers crossed, but I don't hold out that much hope!

happymedic said...

Alls well that ends well i guess. To be honest though, although it would be fab to get first choice wherever you apply, for foundation jobs all I really care about is the actual rotations themselves. But when it comes to the old specialty programs, well thats where it'll get a bit manic.