Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Popular Questions

So it looks like the simple act of posting up the FPAS questions has caused me to get an insane number of hits, well and insane number for this little blog anyway.

I wonder what people are hoping to find when searching? For some it will just be curiosity and wanting to look at the questions. For others it may be advice on answering the questions. Part of me wonders whether some people are out looking directly for ideas. I'm not sure how well that would be tolerated if plagiarism issues come up for some applicants? Apparently 2 applicants were excluded from the application process last year. I wonder what they did afterwards?

Having paniced and got myself into a state over my lack of personal achievements last last, I decided to pick up the knitting and leave the questions for a few hours. I'm so glad I did. Looking at them with fresh eyes this morning they aren't so horrible. Don't get me wrong, they aren't nice. But they aren't awful either.

Hopefully by bedtime tonight I'll have drafted an answer to the first question, and that should get me started. On a roll so to speak. I want to have the application done by Sunday night as I don't want it hanging over me while I start placement next week. I'm not sure how realistic that is?! Question for last years lot... how long did it take you to complete the application?!

Lily xXx

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Good luck!