Friday, 8 October 2010

Getting in the Groove

After my initial panic at the start of the week, followed by complete mental brokenness, I think I'm back on form.

I've enjoyed some of the lectures we've had this week, but overall I'm glad I'm not still in my preclinical years. Clinics are definitely where the fun is. We've had a strange bunch of lectures. Mainly covering basics and trying to teach us how not to actively kill our patients in 9 months time. One lecture however was a little strange. It was all about coping mechanisms doctors have. Basically we all deny everything, act like hypochondriacs, shag anyone who moves and make really awful jokes about it all. This means we're going to ruin our own lives and probably commit suicide. Great then.

I'm itching to get back on the wards. I want to clerk patients, I want to formulate management plans, I want to follow the junior doctors around hoping to gain all their knowledge by osmosis. Mostly I want to start honing my practical skills and revising everything I need to know for finals. It feels like the last sprint now, so I want to give it my all.

Lily xXx

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