Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A Week In The Life of a Final Year Medical Student - Tuesday

8.03am - Wake up. Panic. Alarm was supposed to go off 3 minutes ago. Thank heavens for my inner alarm.

8.07am - Out of the shower. Curse the cold weather. Curse infection control for not allowing us to wrap up in duvet covers on ward rounds. Apparently they come past the elbow. Pah.

8.40am - Face the bracing cold. Half run all the way to the hospital.

8.55am - Impress the FY1's by actually remembering that we're meeting in the mess and being early. Have a "team gastro" moment. Eat a few custard creams for breakfast before I see how long the patient list is and lose my appetite.

9.00am - Try to hide under the sofa in the mess when I realise it's just us and the FY1's doing the ward round this morning.

9.01am - Reluctantly attempt to start the ward round. Even the hospital is freezing.

9.10am - Clinic cancelled so an SpR is free to ward round with us. Phew!! Very busy ward round, but had a couple of nice moments where we got to break good news for a change. It's nice to be able to help people. Makes up for all the grumpy shouty patients.

12.30pm - Grab a sandwich, overhear that Grand Rounds are cancelled this week.

12.45pm - Break the good news about Grand Rounds to my FY1... woo hoo! No presentations!

1.30pm - Get a stonking headache so trek all the way to Boots for paracetamol and sudafed.

2.30pm - Go to bed feeling really guilty that I'm not on the wards.

5.00pm - Wake up and still feely pooey so drive to see some family for TLC.

9.30pm - Realise I should go home and get some more sleep for tomorrow so I'm back on form and can make up for lost time. Get petrol on the way and end up covering the cut in petrol. Nice. Then lose control of the car on black ice. I feel grateful to be alive! Drive home uber slowly to avoid skidding off the road if I hit any more black ice.

10.30pm - Get into bed and write this blog post.

Lily xXx

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ilovehotchocolate said...

Eeep :( Hope you feel better soon. Glad I'm a know-nothing naive fresher, your day sounds scary (but exciting, like being a real dr!) Hugs and guilt-free cake. Bean x