Saturday, 31 January 2009


I don't know why but for the last week I've been a little glum and this afternoon it seems to have completely get on top of me. I just can't stop crying. The boyfriend must think I'm totally nuts because I keep having little episodes of sobbing but I genuinely have no reason why I feel this bad, so instead I feel like I'm totally bonkers.

This happened last year a couple of times as well. It's not nice. I want to cheer up but I just can't.

Lily xXx

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madsadgirl said...

It's probably just one of those things. A long cold winter, being away from home, not sleeping properly because of the noisy fridge. All of these things will cause you to feel a bit down, and one of the body's ways of dealing with this is for you to become a bit emotional. I am sure that things will soon brighten up for you and you will become your usual happy self.
If I can survive, then I'm sure that you can!