Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Morning Before The Day After

Tomorrow is my exam.

I've decided I'm pretty okay with the examination techniques and most of the stuff we have to do. All I'm worried about is interpretting blood results and interpretting ECGs.

Rumour has it that the blood results we get don't come with normal values so I have to try and remember all the normal values. This usually wouldnt be a problem, but once I'm nervous I find it very hard to remember lots and lots of values. I'm going to try and keep rememorising them all day, but I'm not sure it will help. With ECGs I don't know what's happened. 2 weeks ago I was really good at interpretting them. Now I just look at them blankly. It shows how 2 weeks without practice can really allow a lot of information to just leave my brain.

The worrying thing is not so much this set of exams, but is the fact that after my next rotation not only do I have two OSCE stations on that rotation, but one on this early rotation. Then even more worryingly after my last rotation I have stations on everything. I guess this is a good way of making sure we don't forget things straight after a rotation, but worries me with the amount of work I'll have to be doing at the end of term when I also have written exams.

By this time tomorrow my exam will be over and I'll be on my way to get my eyebrows threaded. What a treat post-exam. Excruciating pain. Lovely.

Lily xXx


The Manchester Medic said...

Not giving you the normal values is just plain harsh. They are on every lab report these days anyway so what is the purpose in expecting you to remember them by rote?

I'm not exactly sure what getting ones eyebrows threaded involves but it sounds painful!

Good luck for tomorrow.

Lele said...

Threading :( That's just painful.
Good luck with your exam and treat yourself afterwards :]