Saturday, 24 January 2009

Life's Not Fair

I've had a rubbish week.

It's just been one rubbish thing after the other.

I'm still struggling to sleep because of the monster fridge that roars all night. Otherwise I guess my placement is OK. It's hard work but I can't deny that it means that we're all learning a lot. It's also such a bonus that all the students on placement there are all really friendly so it's nice to chill out with everyone.

My main bug bear this week started on Wednesday. Because the boyfriend's car is being repaired I lent him mine. As he's fully comp on his car and his insurance has always in the past covered him to drive other cars neither of us thought twice about it. Turns out his new policy doesn't cover him to drive other cars. Ergo the police fined him and gave him points and then they impounded my car.

The poor guy was really upset and apologetic, so at the end of the day it was a genuine oversight. Because of this I'm not annoyed in the slightest at him. What annoys me most is what happened next.

My car is in the pound. On Thursday the boyf went to the pound to try and get it released. He took all the paper work the police on the roadside told him to take and I paid to have him put on the car's insurance. They wouldn't release the car. He didn't have the right paperwork and they said they needed me.

Friday I accepted a telling off from my consultant and trundled to the pound to rescue my car. As I've literally just reinsured my car over the telephone it'll take up to 2 weeks for my insurers to send me out the certificate. I also never received my change of address on my car logbook so the DVLA have to send me a new one of these. Although the police can check this all on the computer to verify it they won't. Thats £20 more a day and if I dont have all the stuff within two weeks they're crushing my car.

To make it worse they stopped someone unrelated to me with his drivers licence registered to a different address. Impounded the car. Let him say it was his girlfriends. Released him. Noone from the police has yet called me to tell me they have impounded my car.

Anyway I'm really annoyed so I've told them to crush the car if they want but I'm suing them. The horrible rude ladies on the phone when I was trying to sort all of this out have just pushed me over the edge. I never raised my voice. I constantly repeated that I was more than happy with the fact they confiscated the car as the driver in it wasn't insured because that's actually the safest thing to do. I even thanked them for their time but they still snapped and shouted at me and were generally really rude. Stupidheads.

Lily xXx

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