Monday, 12 January 2009

New Year, New Town

Sorry I haven't blogged for a couple of days but I've been pretty busy... again.

This time I've been getting ready to go to my placement in the countryside. Well actually a city, but still kind of the countryside compared to London. I moved into my new flat yesterday. In typical student fashion it's a little scruffy, but miles bigger than halls in 1st year. Everyone else also seems really nice. I'm in a girls flat so that takes away my huge worry of hairy boys shedding all over the shower. Sorry boys... but its so true! The main downside is NO internet in our flats. Boo hoo :(

Anyway today was the first day and lets just say I'm feeling a little intimidated. We started off with just filling out forms and getting locker keys etc. Then we got our timetables. Eek. It looks like we have some serious work to do this term. Talking to our firm head confirmed this. Deep down I know this is a good, not a bad thing. The more work I'm forced to do, the better I'll learn stuff, but it doesn't make losing my lie-ins and lazy days any easier. I want the holidays to be longer!! Amazingly this rotation seems super organised so that should be good.

Today we saw 1 patient. Took a history and examined them. It was a lot of blagging as we've never done this type of examination on a real patient before, but it went okay. Tomorrow the real work starts...

Lily xXx


madsadgirl said...

Hope you get settled in quickly and enjoy this rotation. Have you taken your knitting with you for some relaxation in the evening? How are you getting on with it?

Sengcheek said...

You'll know your jaundice to your spider naevi in no time. Have fun! I think your rotation is fun, can't wait til I get to do it!