Saturday, 31 January 2009

1/4 of the Way

Yay. I'm 1/4 of the way through this placement woo hoo.

This week has been much better than last. Turns out my hardened medical school immune system is norovirus proof. I also met a really funny and nice surgeon, who apart from making me rectally examine far too many people was really good at teaching and made standing in on surgery really interesting.

I've noticed something very weird about being on this placement. I don't cook. I love cooking, but here I just don't have the energy. I live off tortellini and pesto, plain pasta and pesto or cheese on toast. This week I might actually try to cook something. It's clearly laziness. At the moment all I want to do is knit and chat, cooking or any uni work doesn't really fit into my mental timetable.

I'm also still trying to sort stuff out about this car. It's amazing how much hassle it is to cancel my car insurance with my insurers. Especially considering I'm on placement so I can't actually get hold of my certificate until I go back to london. I can't wait until all these little stressy things are over. It's really getting me down.

I want all the car stuff delt with, my essay done, my presentation done and then I'll be able to sleep easily. Although I'm enjoying being on clinics I'm already looking forward to having a 2 week summer holiday, I really need the break. Bring on the end of August!!

Lily xXx


Tofu said...

ouch, a 2 week summer holiday !
i knew the holidays get shorter with time, but i didn't think it would be cut to just 2 weeks between 3rd and 4th year!

Lily said...

If I pass everything and don't have to do any of the resits I get 3 or 4 weeks off which makes it seem a little better... but yeah, basically the lack of holidays suck. It's like having a real job but paying for it.