Thursday, 8 January 2009

Oh What A Day!

Deary me. Today has been pretty eventful.

I started the day being woken up by raised voices. A rather big argument, followed by a crash. Didn't think much of it until the boyfriend left for work. About 2 minutes later he was back in the door. Someone had thrown a telly out of the window and it has gone through his windscreen, inflated his air bag and destroyed the side of the car. Not impressed.

After that I had my exam. Possibly the longest 14 minutes of my life. In all fairness I had pretty easy stations compared to most. My first one was resuscitation. I'm pretty sure I've passed that. My second station however was explaining cardiovascular risk factors. I seemed to get through it pretty quickly which leads me to think that I left something important out. However, we will see by the middle of next week what happened. Unfortunately some of my friends had less enjoyable experiences. A lot of people asked to do examinations didn't have enough time to complete them in 6 minutes, leaving a fair few of my friends fearing a resit in a fortnight.

After the exam I had some lunch and a lovely glass of wine in town and did some shopping. I managed to get some bras that fit, after a rather unexpected boob growth spurt, in the sale. I also got some lovely wool with which I hope to make a jumper. Thankfully madsadgirl is being generally amazing and giving me loads of advice.

I then went for the dreaded threading of my eyebrows, but they'd overbooked. Shame. So now I'm going for my torture tomorrow. If only it was a permanent thing. I can't cope with all this maintenence. It's hard work being a girl.

After that I went to the pub with some uni mates so we could all meet up post-exam. Bad Idea!!! Everyone just talked about the exam and I got gradually more and more worried and more and more convinced I'd failed. So I made my excuses and left.

Being the exciting soul I am, I'm spending the rest of the night cleaning the kitchen, which looks like a bomb site, and doing lots of washing ready to start clinics again on Monday. Sadly as my treat I have sent the boyf out for a KFC. Sometimes I disgust myself. So bad yet so so so good. I shall try to make up for it by having a salad for lunch tomorrow or else I'll be scraping the cholesterol out of my arteries in the near future.

Lily xXx

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