Friday, 9 January 2009

Surprisingly Busy

For a post-exam day when I'd be planning to chill I was surprisingly busy today.

Not only did I have to go and get my eyebrows done (yes thankyou, I do look like less of a yeti), I also had lots of things to pick up, work to do and I need to start packing. I also spent a lot of the day stressing about how much I had to do.

I'm getting a bit peeved with the whole moving to the seaside for a 12 week placement. So much packing and stuff to be done. To make it worse all my clothes are falling apart but I'm too stingy to buy more clothes.

Which leads me to my next point. Knitting. It's going well I think. I've been doing a practice piece madsadgirl suggested, so tomorrow I'm going to start on the real thing. I was going to start tonight but I'm getting a bit tired and my main problem is concentrating on counting stitches. Turns out when I'm tired I struggle to count to 10 let alone around 80.

Lily xXx

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Dragonfly said...

Argh, eyebrows. I also look like a yeti (or Ugly Betty) without mine vicisouly pruned by ye local beautician (they always want to remove half of it as well, but I have to stop them somewhere).
Good luck with the knitting. I was planning on taking it up again last year and knitting caps for premature babies or something but it seemed to fall by the wayside.