Monday, 5 January 2009

Disneyland Paris

I've literally just got back from my trip to Disney, my Dad's birthday/xmas present for my 8 year old niece. I managed to blag my way on the holiday too.

It was really good but really cold and in typical Lily-style I got ill. So ill in fact that I spent all Saturday in bed and then in the evening threw up my dinner. At least that helped my new years wish of wanting to be able to lose a few pounds. When I wasn't feeling ill I managed to go on all my favourite not scary rides like the peter pan ride. I also got to spend a lot of nice quality time with the boyfriend.

Most amazingly I saw Stich Live! I adore Stich. I was so impressed when it was actually interactive, but Stitch fell in love with some woman called Mila and not me. I cried myself to sleep.

It's shocking how much everything there costs now, especially considering how weak the pound is. A diet coke was over £3!!! Because of this I resisted my usual urge to buy something cute and disney. I must be getting old and responsible now. Scary.

Anyway I have an exam on Thursday so I better go and do some work.

Lily xXx


madsadgirl said...

Sorry to hear you were ill, but glad to see that you still had a good time. I hope the exam goes well on Thursday.

The Manchester Medic said...

Good luck for Thursday. At least you have got your illness out of the way before the exam.

Sengcheek said...

Gd luck for your ICE's! Always ask about their concerns and 'appear' concerned and sympathetic :P I think my gf may have failed one station, but we'll find out soon...

Lily said...

Thanks for the good luck wishes everyone!

Sengcheek I have my fingers crossed for your gf. I hope she passed both stations!