Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow Day!

It's been snowing. Yay. That makes everything around here in the countryside look totally lovely. In fact today I am feeling more festive than I did over Christmas.

Crazily the snow is so bad that in London ALL the buses have been cancelled. Yes, all of them. It's actual insanity. It makes me wish I was on placement in London so that I could have a proper snow day. Unfortunately living on site for my current placement that isn't a problem. Annoyingly I am not on site so soon the boyfriend is going to have to trudge through snow covered country lanes to get me back. Thankfully we're in no rush as I have no actual set teaching today. This week I'm going to go insane with work and hope to get the first draft of a really hard essay done.

Amusingly I text my Dad who is sunning it up in the French West Indies (very unfair as when I was young enough to go on Holiday with him we went to normal France) that it was snowing. He officially has 4 days of nice weather left there until he's back. Muhahahaha. It serves him right for the funny postcard he sent everyone at work/home (it's the same place you see.), it went along the lines of "Wish you were all here... not really!!!" Meanie.

Fingers crossed by this weekend I should be much jollier because I won't have that hanging over my head. According to the boyfriend our flat is a tip because he's been rearranging stuff so maybe I'll actually have a more moany weekend. We shall see.

Lily xXx

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madsadgirl said...

Good luck with work on the essay this week. I've one to get done too, but fortunately nowhere near as many words as yours.