Monday, 9 February 2009

Another Busy Weekend

When oh when will I actually get to chill out?!

This was another stupidly hectic weekend. Although the boyfriend has been living with me since the end of Decemeber, so as not to leave his old flatmate in the lurch, he was still paying rent until the beginning of this month. This means we've been moving bits and bobs of his stuff up bit by bit as we've needed them. This weekend we took everything else though. That in itself wasn't too much of a mission, what took the time was cleaning the flat. It still amazes me that landlords will insist on cream carpet. That teamed with the fact it's been hoovered only once or twice for the year the boys have been living there meant that I hoovered for over an hour and a half without stopping. It's amazing how bits of astroturf imbed themselves in carpet.

On top of that we now need to get our flat in order as it's a mess. It's just got piles of stuff everywhere that needs to be organised. To make it worse I can't finish decorating the living room until the broken guttering on top of the window is fixed because it's making it all damp. Grrr. So after this busy weekend I think next weekend I shall be trying to get my flat into some kind of order. That level of mess and disorganisation upsets me and I'm no neat freak.

Lily xXx


madsadgirl said...

I notice that there was no information on the essay. How is it going?

Lily said...

Unfortunately I haven't done any more of it. I'm over half way now. It's just really not inspiring me. I'm going to try and hammer out most of it on Wednesday afternoon because I ideally want to hand it in on Monday when I'm planning to be in London.

I also haven't done any knitting for days. I daren't do it around the boyfriend because his shouting insults at the telly distracts me and then I do stuff wrong!

Fizzlemed said...

Lily, If it makes you feel any better, I did 6 loads of laundry yesterday. After staring at the mountain of clean laundry that piled up in my living room for two full hours, I decided to fold it. Now it's folded, but still on the living room carpet. (I took a picture of the mountain ... post to follow :) ) I know that I will be dressing from the living room floor for about a week, since I have 4 exams in the next 7 days. So here's to living in a mess :)