Thursday, 26 February 2009

Not Another Meeting...

This peripheral attachment is pretty weird in some ways. One of these ways is the amount of meetings we have. In London, once a term some students are invited to represent the rest of the year to the dean and subdeans. In the countryside every Thursday we have a meeting with all of us to discuss our problems, eat sandwiches and have lovely little slices of cake.

Most of the time these meetings are pretty boring. It's just the 5th years moaning about how their shower doesn't work, or they can't get anyone to teach them NG tubes. At the moment there's something I want to bring up but I don't quite know how and when.

A student on my firm.

He's really really clever, but totally selfish and only out to cover his own back. In the rest of my firm there is the attitude that we can all do well so the best thing is to support everyone, he doesn't have this attitude.

Recently he's been making up excuses every week as to why he has to go back to London during the week. This is totally only allowed if it's urgent. Therefore if we have a presentation with our last SSM tutor we can go, but we can't just go because whatever teaching is on that day isn't really relevant. For the past fortnight he's excused himself from a days teaching and we've found him either in his room studying, playing computer games or on his way to London.

Now he's asking our firm head to give us a test at the end of the 6 weeks to assess our clinical knowledge so we can be given a mark. Obviously as he's taking at least a day a week off to study his will be better than ours. This so isn't fair.

To make it worse when we have group presentations he always claims to be busy and dumps it on someone else in the group. Not a team player. It's getting us all down.

Unfortunately noone wants to be a grass.

Lily xXx

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R. said...

what a dude! my hero :)