Sunday, 22 February 2009

Always Busy

Yet again I'm stupidly busy. The fact I took Thursday and Friday as drinking days for a friend's birthday hasn't really helped.

This week I have TWO presentations!! I haven't actually started them yet. One is only a quick non-examined one. The other one is actually part of my in course assessment so I should probably get along with it at some point.

I have also lost all faith in the Royal Mail. I'm either not getting post or post I send to people doesn't arrive. Therefore all my rush in getting my essay done early so I could post it off to my SSM supervisor went to waste. A week later and it still hasn't arrived.

I only have 6 weeks of this rotation left, so now I have to start another special study module. Fun fun fun. I also have loads of sign ups to get. Some of them are really tricky ones. It's surprisingly hard to get a doctor and a patient to both agree to helping us learn how to examine the male external genitalia.

Lily xXx


madsadgirl said...

It sounds as though you are really busy at the moment. I know what you mean about the mail though, I have a lot of things take almost forever to arrive; so much for first class mail.
Are your problems with getting a doctor and a patient to agree to helping you the same for all students or just the female ones?

The Manchester Medic said...

I can understand your problem regarding finding suitable patients. I'm about to start a O+G placement so I think that I am going to have the same issues.

Lily said...

The problem is the same for all students. Fingers crossed we can some how convince a patient who's having a hernia operation that they dont mind us watching the doctor examine them at least otherwise in a few years when faced with a penis and some testicles there will be a lot of highly confused doctors.