Thursday, 5 February 2009

Internet Connection

Finally I've got an internet connection in this countryside hospital placement. Considering the hospital computers have been broken with a virus for over two weeks now I was suffering serious weekday internet withdrawl. Unfortunately it costs £19.99 plus VAT each month for each of us to connect which is poo.

I also still can't find the cable for my camera to hook it up to my computer. I've taken some cool pictures of the snowman I built on Monday, but you can't see them so there's not much point in me telling you that.

On a completely unrelated note my immune system isn't what I thought it was. I spent all of Tuesday vomitting and pooing. It was not nice. Fingers crossed it means I won't catch anything nasty again for a while.

A quick knitting update too. I've finished the back of the jumper and I'm getting along with the front now. I've had to hide my knitting so I do the essay I have to do though. Knitting is much more fun than essaying. I think next I'm going to knit some amazing socks I've seen a pattern for. It's actually addictive.

Lily xXx


Sengcheek said...

Looks like you caught your boyfriends norovirus...!

madsadgirl said...

Sorry to hear that you caught the bug; I hope you are completely better.

Great news on the knitting front. Well done on completing the back, only the front, sleeves and neck to do now. And now your thinking of knitting socks! There's no stopping you.