Sunday, 30 March 2008

Progress At Last!

Finally... my supervisor sent me some results. Unfortunately he didn't send me the protocols for the assays we used, so he's only been half useful, but at least it's a start. Amusingly the email to which my results were attached was filled with praise. To summarise it basically said:
"You were the sole driving force behind this project and you should be very pleased with the results you have. You are amazingly wonderful and I worship your studenty researchyness" (clearly I have paraphrased).

It is obvious he's realised that with his almost total lack of help I am so close to making a big complaint about him and his ignoring me!

On a side note I've really enjoying being back at work this weekend. I forgot how much I enjoyed working behind a bar and all the nice people I work with. Even my near-death experience with a bottle of sambuca falling off a high shelf and onto my head didn't dampen my spirits. My most amusing story of the weekend was that one very drunk man proceeded to call me ginger (I'm strawberry blonde!!) and then ask if he could check if my hair colour is real (i'll leave that to your imagination) after taking me out for dinner. Surprisingly my answer was "No, but if you ask the doorman the same question I'm sure he'll show you something." Yukky man! Amusingly my dad was standing about 3 people along at the bar at this point and decided to introduce himself, and talk all about his collection of sharp chopping knives...

Lily xXx

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