Sunday, 16 March 2008

Little Miss Naughty-No-Work

Today I am being Little Miss Naughty-No-Work. I got up early with the plan of writing revision notes and it's now 4pm and I've done bugger all. I think it make be the fact I'm freaking out on the inside about being 2 weeks behind my revision note writing plan, but something is causing me to be very very lazy.

Instead of work I went to tesco, which in all fairness had to be done. I then spent an hour cooking and eating a lovely leek and ham stovetop pasta, from a magazine recipe I've been meaning to try for weeks. It really was delicious, but unfortunately won't help me pass my exams.

Since then I've been time wasting online and I have 2 hours until I start preparing dinner. I'm trying out recipe that calls for some resting and chilling, so I have some revision note writing gaps and I'm hoping to get 2 or 3 lectures written up, but the urge to nap is almost too much.

To make things worse its freezing cold in my flat, and I'm getting texts from the boyfriend who has just landed in majorca telling me how warm and sunny it is. Maybe if I turn the heating up and the lights on I can lightbulb-bathe in the living room, it has to be almost as good as sitting in the sun.

Lily xXx

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