Monday, 17 March 2008

Sudden burst of motivation

Today I actually managed to get some work done. In the morning I had a project presentation meeting which went better than expected. Worryingly one of my supervisors doesn't think I'll have enough data, which is a huge pain the bum, but i got some useful tips on stats to use. He's also going to read over what I've done of my introduction and method. I know my introduction is too short at 2800 words but I'm stuck with how to make it any bigger. I'm also hoping I'll get some guidance on my method as I totally don't know where I'm going with it. As I haven't done the actual assays I don't know the reagents used or if I'll even have to include them in my write up.

When i got home i wrote up 2 lectures into my big revision note book. Even though I'm still a good 2 weeks behind my revision timetable it feels pretty good to have a bit of motivation to start writing up more lectures. Reassuringly, according to the course supervisor not many people have started revision so maybe I'm going to do really well or maybe it'll just take longer for me to absorb the information because I'm thick?

Tomorrow I've been told to go to a meeting about presentations. Annoyingly, not only do I not yet have the results to put into my presentation, but I also have no idea where it's being held. Because I'm tagging along with another group of people they all know where it is, so no doubt I'll be wandering around the corridoors lost. It's very tempting not to go. I managed to go without help for the last presentation, so surely this one can't be that different?

I guess I'll see if my sore throat and ear ache gets worse in the morning, and decide if I'll go or not then.

Lily xXx

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