Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Hey Big Spender

Yesterday I bought a flat. I've been flat hunting for a while and all I've seen are really really grotty places. In some cases I saw 1 bedroom flats with familes of 6 living in them and all of them had pretty horrible kitchens and bathrooms. Then yesterday I looked at 1 flat and it was such an improvement from the others I made an offer straight away. Its got a lovely new kitchen and bathroom and apart from the hallway is in a really nice state decoratively. Its in an ex-council building and the communal areas are a little rubbish, but otherwise it's really good. I'm so excited.

I was so excited, that I went out to celebrate. My current flatmate and I went a little OTT and I have since spent all day throwing up out of my nose. Classy. I need to master the art of declining cocktails. I'm going back to bed to recover now.

Lily xXx


Calavera said...

Ooh, but cocktails, if they're the right ones, are so hard to decline...

And I'm so jealous that you've bought your own flat?! How is that possible?!

Lily said...

I got left some money ages ago and with the help of a huge morgage I can just about afford a little flat. To be fair its in the crime capital of south east london so its not that expensive! ...Fingers crossed I'll survive for more than a few weeks!