Thursday, 14 May 2009

Stupid Phone

About a month ago I got a new phone. An XDA Ignito. Either the phone is totally rubbish or I completely cannot work it. In fact this morning it very almost got thrown into the wall.

I was wondering if anyone else knew how to work this phone?! Just in case here are the things that puzzle me...

1. The alarm. How do you turn it off?! Even when I turn it off it still goes on. I have to turn the phone off and back on to get it to stop. Very frustrating at 6.30 am.

2. Locking it. Sometimes when I put it in it's case it manages to open stuff and call people. Othertimes halfway through a text when I pause to think the whole thing will lock.

It is a puzzling machine.

I'm going to have quite a busy today considering I have no uni. I'm actually going to do some more essay. On top of that I'm meeting a friend for an hour or two AND I'm cleaning the flat because the boyf's Dad is visiting on Saturday. Unfortunately the flat is always a tip which just makes things worse as it looks so rough from outside. The lack of a lift at the moment doesn't help either.

Lily xXx


Helen said...

I'm sorry, I have an old, bog standard nokia. It doesn't even take photos, so I can't help you. Hope someone can!
As for the essay, a little trick I use when I am procrastinating on something is to say to myself I'll do no more than (say) 2 hours on it, then I'm free to do anything else I choose without guilt. I often find I then carry on more than 2 hours as I've broken the back of it. Procrastination takes up twice the effort of doing the thing as you use energy procrastinating, and energy when you have to do it.
Sam sort of thing with tidying the flat - do one room at a time and it will seem more manageable.
Hope all goes well with bf's dad - do you get on well?

Lily said...

Well... I don't know his Dad that well, but I like his Dad. I hope he likes me too!