Monday, 18 May 2009

Birthdays Everywhere

The boyf's birthday dinner was a total success. I made prawn and apple cocktail, boeuf en croute and hot chocolate fondant pots. Surprisingly everything went completely to plan, the only bad thing to happen was that I smashed a glass in the kitchen. Fortunately I only got a teeny tiny piece of glass in my foot.

After dinner, where we both put on about 10kg, we had a relatively early night so we could get up and clean the flat properly for the boyf's Dad coming over. The flat was surprisingly easy to clean. I realise it's tiny, but I always overestimate tidying up time. It's so nice to be in a tidy clean flat. It was lovely seeing his Dad too. Later that afternoon we drove to the seaside to go and see his Mum and go out for drinks with his friends, so overall it was a busy, but really nice weekend.

Unfortunately it means I've done no work and I have 2 presentations this week, a load of psych stuff to type up for a psychiatrist and I want to get 1000 more words of this essay done. Fun fun fun...

First presentation is a neuro one tomorrow with no powerpoint, so that shouldn't be too major. I have a patient in mind I just need to write myself a few cues and a couple of definitions if I get asked questions about things.

I really really really cannot wait for the next few weeks to be over even though it's my birthday in less than a fortnight because I have so much work to do. Weirdly it's the boyf's sister's birthday and two of my best friend's birthdays in the next fortnight too. I'm actually spending a small fortune in birthday cards!

Lily xXx

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