Monday, 4 May 2009

Car Trouble

As per usual car's have been causing me problems. The boyf and I decided to go home for the long weekend to see our families and enjoy the fresh seaside air. Saturday morning I got up and went for a run (don't be too impressed, it was only 1km). After coming back, having a shower and getting dressed I was all excited about going home. The boyf and I ran down to the car, buckled ourselves in... and then disaster!! The clutch was broken. No warning signs, no anything, just a broken clutch.

Understandably on a bank holiday weekend it is impossible to get a new clutch. So the boyf and I were stuck. No car, no seaside, just smog.

Sometimes I can get quite down where I live. It's by far not the nicest borough of London. I haven't been raped or mugged here so it can't be the worst, but it's very tatty and oppressive sometimes. I was not happy about being stuck here all weekend.

After an hour or two of sulking and swearing about how rubbish everything was we resigned ourselves to no seaside this weekend and instead got on the bus. Now I realise it was actually a blessing in disguise that the car broke. The boyf and I have spent all weekend sitting in the sunshine in parks, walking around the pretty parts of London and enjoying glasses of wine on the riverbank. In fact I don't think we could have asked for a more perfect weekend. Rather than going home, rushing around to see our families and spending no quality time together we had the best weekend we've had in ages.

This really nice long weekend has put me in a good frame of mind for next week. I'm going to get on with that essay I keep talking about. I have another month until the deadline so rather than rushing I could actually do something really high quality. I also have a presentation about a psychiatry patient to do on Friday which will be good to get out of the way so early on in the rotation. This week I also want to master how to test all the cranial nerves. The hardest thing about neuro placements in my opinion is the fact that the overall examination is so complex.

Today I'm going to have an indoor picnic because the weather has taken a turn for the worst. Over the last fortnight I've developed an obsession with sandwiches again. I make an amazing apple and cumin chutney (oh look... I'm being modest again!), which is amazing with mature cheddar. I also have an addiction to chorizo sandwiches. Anyone have any ideas for yummy sandwich fillings I might not have tried?!

Lily xXx


Tofu said...

fish fingers!!
- with sliced tomatoes and some lettuce mmmmmm

Lee said...

I recently discovered and fell in love with Dijon Mustard, it makes me laugh thinking back to how suspicious i was of it at first.

My college does this weird chicken and mayonnaise combo it's rather delicious if very unhealthy :)

PS. Red onion also rules

Lily said...

Mmmmm, fish finger sandwiches. Even better with cheese. Yum yum yum.

On the subject of dijon mustard I've become quite obsessive. I now would rather only eat a brand called amora, but you can only get it in France, so about twice a year I go shopping in calais and bring back loads and loads of jars of mustard... and gherkins. Mmmm.