Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Last Term Lethargy

Even though this is a new rotation I am definitely experiencing last term lethargy. It seems that because of exams the only proper relaxing holiday time I have is the couple of days once my exam is over, so I'm never getting time to fully chill out and relax. I'm really looking forward to the end of this year so I can have a couple of weeks to myself. It's also exciting to think that I'll start my penultimate year in September.

Even though I'm feeling a little lazy and possibly not as motivated as I should be to start learning neuro bits and bobs I am really getting into psych. It's soooo interesting. Geekily I can find myself reading a psych book and actually getting lost in it. Maybe psychiatry will be the career for me. Who knows?!

Unfortunately I can't seem to bring myself to sign up for a night on call. A bad experience in my first term where everyone just made my clinical partner and I feel as if we were completely in the way for hours and noone would let us see anything interesting has kind of put me off. Tomorrow I'm going to have a pow-wow with my clinical partner to decide what we should do.

I made the time to play squash again today, instead of going for a run. I really really like squash, but I just can't seem to master serving. Once the ball is bouncing around I'm pretty good for a newbie, but the ability to serve just eludes me. Fingers crossed this squash and running will help me drop a few pounds. Tried on some summery 3/4 length trousers on the weekend and they were nowhere near doing up even though they fitted fine last summer. Disaster!!!

Lily xXx

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