Monday, 13 June 2011

Whiling Away Time

At the moment my life just seems to be a countdown to results. It's only 10 days to go. So as not to completely waste the 3 weeks by stressing out, I've been trying to make myself busy.

eBay has become my biggest new obsession. If it stand's still long enough I'll probably try to sell it... better watch out Dad! Unfortunately this does mean that I have to take 10 parcels to the post-office this morning. If the people who bought them pay for them, I have another trip of 5 parcels tomorrow, and potentially lots more on Wednesday too.

I also ventured into a gym for the first time in years. This gym was perfect. It was small, relatively quiet, not full of posers, had a huge pool and best of all it had a sauna and jacuzzi. Excitingly it also had a shower that squirts at you from all directions. It's clearly the little things that make me happy, and that's one of them. Apparently they also do a 10% NHS discount on membership, so I think that's the gym I'll join once I'm home.

To top off my luxury free-time I've been cleaning out both my flat in anticipation to move out and my Dad's flat in anticipation to move in. Not perhaps the fun laid back holiday I dreamed of, but strangely satisfying in it's own way.

This week I have boring grown-up paperwork things to do, but also hopefully lots of fun to be had!

Lily xXx

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