Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Diazepam Daze

I would have let you all know yesterday that I don't have to do the extension exam, only I was in a bit of a diazepam-fuelled daze. This means one of 3 things.

1. I could have passed everything.
2. I may have failed writtens, but passed OSCE.
3. I may have failed writtens and failed OSCE.

I'm hoping for choice number 1.

Dr Grumble asked if it was true that 80 people failed. Well no. It was 75... so close to 80.

I'm sure most of those will have been borderline though, and may very well pass the extension exam... otherwise there is going to a be a bit of a shortage of junior doctors.

Anyway... some of you might be interested as to why I have suddenly developed a taste for benzos...

I pulled my back out. There I was moving heavy furniture around all day with no problem, then I bent over and next thing I was in so much pain I couldn't move. I stayed propped up against a wall for 20 minutes and then gave in and called my Dad to help. In the end I ended up taking 5mg of diazepam at about 4.30pm which relieved things just enough for me to hobble around, I took another 5mg at 11pm before I went to bed... that ruined me.

I slept for 13 hrs. I then got into the shower wearing my PJs. Lathered up with shower gel. Reached for my towel. Tried to dry myself with my towel under the still running shower. Realised something was wrong. Felt stupid.

I then got dressed and went to find my Dad.

I'd put my clothes on inside out.

Safe to say I didn't try anything too complex after that!

Lily xXx


Anonymous said...

Rather a high failure rate at your medical school. Will students pay £9000 per annum for that?

Lily said...

They haven't failed yet, they're sitting the extension exam, so it is possible that everyone could pass...

I do however think the university may need to sit back and think what went wrong this year as an awful lot of people are resitting, it is clearly a problem that needs to be addressed.